Overwatch Character Pack V1 (C4D/Octane ONLY)

This is a variation of the C4D version of the Overwatch pack. This pack is for Octane users. I will be updating this alongside doing the C4D one.

Benefits of this one is that I will be texturing and making the characters look alive Versus the C4D one looking STOCK (regular default textures)

Only for users who have Octane --

You can download the Demo for C4D here:

CHANGELOG - 9/04/2018

- Added to Sellfy
- Basic Rigging for Some Characters
- Will update over time (doesnt include most heroes)
- Better Textures/Glow/etc
- [Will not include Skins]


- Bastion (Basic Rigged)

- Dva (Not Rigged)

- Genji (Not rigged)

- Hanzo (Basic Rigged)

- Junkrat (Not Rigged)

- Lucio (Not Rigged)

- Dva Mech (Not Rigged)

- Mei (Not Rigged)

- Mercy (Not Rigged)

- Reaper (Basic Rigged)

- Reinhardt (Not Rigged)

- Sombra (Not Rigged)

- S76 (Basic Rigged)

- Tracer (Not Rigged)

- Widowmaker (Basic Rigged)