Animation & Story Ideas

This is a Experimental Service I want to sell to you all! Many people know I am fairly decent at writing and amazing at ideas and concepts. If you dont know this, then here are some examples from 1-2 years ago: Attempt at Slice of Life: Supernatural: Adventure/Olden Times: Mystery/Crime: First Person: Emotional/Tragedy: Action/Medievil: Drama/Supernatural/Emotional : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE PROCESS: After Purchasing this at base price: -------------------------- 1. You give me a general idea of your story that you want 2. I will write a 1-pged preview. If you like, I will finish the full thing (however many pages it takes to finish the idea) 3. After seeing the preview, I will show you the final draft and revise if needed I would prefer all conversation to be through Twitter Direct Messages :) Thanks~ Tag P.S - The document included is just about why I write! :D Enjoy!