WetSurfaces Preset v1

Hello All,

I bring to you another preset, one many of you guys have been wanting to see for awhile now.

I give you WetSurfaces!!

A simple preset that you can apply to your map's blocks to give them a sorta of wet look, almost like if it had rained or if it is raining in your scene.

A DETAILED Tutorial link will be here soon, but for now, please use these instructions below.

VIDEO LINK: http://www.taganimationz.com/wetsurfaces-tutorial.html

Inside the .LIB4D contains the standalone materials, and the preset.

If you are using this for an imported map:

1. Make multiple copies of the preset in your scene if you have multiple map textures.
(Most likely, you should only have 1 for your entire map)

2. For each copy, Click on the controller and add the texture that is used, like your RGBA png from your map.

3. Next notice that the materials are included on the Controller.
One says "Darken Blocks With This FIRST" and the other says,  "Wet Blocks With This SECOND".

IF YOU ARE USING INDIVIDUAL BLOCKS, you will need to copy the preset (from the content browser) multiple times for each block texture you have. (Only use side textures, if you have a block with multiple textures)


Simply ignore the materials on the controller. You guys can use the materials in the Material Manager and drag and drop them onto your objects that you ant wet. JUST MAKE SURE that you apply the "Base texture" in the controller!!!

Hopefully this helps!


If you need help, let me know on twitter at @TagAnimationz