Plants & Trees Pack v2

Ever dream of a custom model pack of DETAILED PLANTS AND TREES to import into your worlds?! NO?! WELL WHO CARES! Here is an amazing pack of 15 Plant and Tree models (BETA) that will make your scenes look even more stunning. This pack uses the R3D textures from the R3D texture pack for a realistic feel. All textures are interchangeable with other textures from the pack or any texture pack...So Go ahead and Customize these models how you want! THIS IS ONLY THE BETA RELEASE: THINGS YOU MIGHT NOTICE - Models Not Optimized for speed (yet) - Models May Vary in Size and Not adjusted Yet - Full Release, All models will have a Color.Size,Alpha On/Off option If you have any questions, contact my via email @ [email protected] or hit me up on Twitter at @TagAnimationz Im happy to help! ~Buy this pack now at Half off, before I finish I finish it and it becomes the full price (5$) (Ill be linking my Sellfy Preset Video, Just watch my Couch-Table-Chairs Packs to understand how I do these packs, and what you can expect) :D