How to color smooth Gemstones (and flowers) PDF

Hey colorists!  Do you see all of those gorgeously colored gems and think "I could never do that"?  Well, you're absolutely WRONG.  You can.  This tutorial breaks the process down into 19 well written steps that you can see and read.  I created this tutorial for people like myself, people who can't learn from videos.  Personally, I need everything written out for me.  I need to see examples as I go.  I need to be able to go back and reference.  This tutorial makes all of that possible. 

Included in the tutorial there are 3 different types of gemstones to learn to color, and I've thrown in a bonus tutorial on how I color flowers using the same basic techniques. 

1 PDF included

4 tutorials in 1 PDF as well as 2 practice pages included.

This tutorial may be printed, or used on your computer, tablet, laptop, etc.

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