1949 Fortune Telling Cup Instructions by Marguerite Scott, PDF Tea Leaf Reading Instruction Sheet

This is a scanned copy of the original instruction sheet that accompanied the tea leaf reading cup designed by Marguerite Scott.  It is a PDF page that was scanned from original, so it is slightly blurry and worn.  It is legible and could be retyped if desired.  Since it is a copy of the original, it shows creases where it was folded.  

This printes as an 8.5 x 11 page, on a PC and though it is a color scan, it prints better if printed with black ink only.  If you work on a Mac, you may need to adjust the dpi/measurements accordingly as I do not work on a mac.

I am NOT a graphic artist, this is just a scan without any sort of tweaking or clean up, so please please ask any questions prior to purchase.  I answer within 24 hours.

I do NOT offer refunds, exchanges or returns on Digital items, so please understand this is a scan of a Vintage piece of paper.

Stay Safe and write if you need help.