Do you have some issues with a preset, template, LUT, or any other Storysium downloads from my store? On the product page itself you will also find an instruction video related to the download. Please watch that before contacting me for support.

Still not working? Check below:

Error message: 'project is damaged' when opening or importing in Premiere Pro.
Make sure unzip or extract all the files before importing or opening a template project. You can not open a project directly in the .zip container.


Error message "File format not supported"

Make sure unzip or extract all the files before importing a preset. You can not open a .zip container file in Premiere.


Error "This Motion Graphic Template was created in Adobe After Effect. To use this template in premiere pro please install Adobe After Effect (trial or license) and retry."
To solve this you need to install After Effects on your PC or MAC. The installation does not require an activation of the software, installation is enough. Make sure that Premiere Pro and After Effects at the same (preferably newest) level. 
If they are both the latest version but you still get this error you can try to reinstall both applications with use of the creative cloud desktop app.

Error message "Motion graphic can not be used unless After Effects is installed...".
Solution: Install Adobe After Effects. No activation required, just the installation is enough.


When opening a .morgt file in Premiere it says that the .mogrt is not compatible with your version.
Some .mogrt files require a newer version of Premiere. You can find the compatibility list here:


Importing a MOGRT, or opening the essential graphics panel makes Premiere crash
Go to C:\Users\<your user\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\Essential Graphics

Remove all the files in this directory and restart Premiere.