Bendir Drum Kit For NI Maschine V2
 TonBak / Doumbek Persian
French Montana Vocal FX
Psy-Trance ( Sample Pack Vol.1 )
 New Skin For Serum [ Indian Maharaja ]
Xfer Serum Skin For [ Transformers ]
Harmonium Loop V1
Percussion Loops Free Pack
Guembri Gnawa Loops V1
Kit Drum Gnawa & 20 Flp Of FL Studio 11 In [ One Pack ]
Arabic Dubstep Drum [ Pack ]
Khaliji Darbouka V1.0  [ Drum Oriental ]
Sufi Daf Loops Pack [ Free ]
Arabic Rythm Loops [ Pack ]
Issawa Drum Kit
Qarkabeb Ganwa Rythm
Sufi Percussion Loops [ Pack]
Arabic Lead Synth Presets For [ Massive ]
BellyDanse - Percussion Loops [ Pack]
Midi Arabic Trap
Sylenth (1) Best Skin Updated
tumbi free loops
Sufi Arabic Vocal Fx
Wtra Atlas V2
Arabic  Man Vocal Trap Chants  V2
Arabic Female Vocal Chants V1
Arabic Trap Drum Kit
Tabla India
Black Skin For Ableton L9S
skin of Sylenth1
Darbuka Drums Bass
Darbouka Dubstep
Oud Maghribin
Darbouka Khaliji Rythm [ Demo ]
Tarija Maghribn instrument
Kit Drum Gnawa
Guembri vst plugin
Tabla Tarang - v 1.0 [ Demo ]
Watra Rouich V1
Qarkabou Ganwa
Paly Guembri  Gnawa


Mustapha El Hafidi Form Morocco He is An Artist, Music producer, Sound Designer, Programmer, Software Developer, And Graphic Design


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