PAS Policies Complete Package- EPP/COVID-19 included


Don’t be caught with outdated policies! Keep your Agency up-to-date with Texas Health and Human Services regulations. These policies now include recent changes relating to COVID-19 such as employee and client screening.

The complete package (over 800 pages) includes:
-Health and Human Services specific Policy and Procedures
-Admission Forms- for admitting new clients
-Human Resources Document- Hiring & Training new employees
-Emergency Preparedness Plan Template
-(QAPI) Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Plan 
-COVID-19_Response and Management Policy and Procedures_Forms     
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By purchasing this download you will be taking a step closer to running a successful agency. You will receive a download of the following documents in Word format. This will give you the flexibility to make any changes to these documents.

You will receive documents that are customized with your company information.
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