Special Tutorial - Seamless tiles
Skeleton character parts & frames
GreenDwarf character parts and frames
SuperBotBox - complete game art
BlockBuddies Samurai Bundle
BlockBuddies Dummy
BlockBuddies Zombie 4
BlockBuddies Samurai 4
BlockBuddies Samurai 3
BlockBuddies Samurai 2
BlockBuddies Samurai 1
BlockBuddies Mummy
BlockBuddies - Adventurer - back and turn
BlockBuddies Force Bundle
Tutorial Office windows
Tutorial Clip Tool
Tutorial Squares
Tutorial Creating game characters
Tutorial Cracking up
Tutorial Creating a basic face
Tutorial circles
Tutorial alignment
BlockBuddies Toolman
BlockBuddies Sorcerer3
BlockBuddies Sorcerer2
BlockBuddies Sorcerer1
BlockBuddies Sorcerer Bundle
BlockBuddies Robot1
BlockBuddies Normal
BlockBuddies Ninja3
BlockBuddies Ninja2
BlockBuddies Ninja1
BlockBuddies NinjaBundle
BlockBuddies Miner3
BlockBuddies Miner2
BlockBuddies Miner1
BlockBuddies Miner Bundle
BlockBuddies Knight6
BlockBuddies Male4
BlockBuddies Male3
BlockBuddies Male2
BlockBuddies Male1
BlockBuddies Woman3
BlockBuddies Woman2
BlockBuddies Woman1
BlockBuddies Robbers Bundle
BlockBuddies Robber3
BlockBuddies Robber2
BlockBuddies Robber1
BlockBuddies Captain
BlockBuddies IndianBundle
BlockBuddies Zombie Bundle
BlockBuddies  Cowboy1


I am a pixel-pushing, vector-bending, face-turning all-round game artist and have been creating art for computer games for over 25 years now.


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