How To Create An Out of Control Viral Marketing Campaign

Table of content

Chapter 1: Introduction 
Chapter 2: Why Viral Marketing?
Chapter 3: Tell A Friend Viral Marketing
Chapter 4: Master Resell Rights Viral Marketing 
Chapter 5: Private Label Viral Marketing 
Chapter 6: Blog & Theme Viral Marketing
Chapter 7: Web 2.0 Viral Marketing 
Chapter 8: Viral Spiral Marketing 
Chapter 9: Summary


Welcome To “How To Create An Out-Of-Control Viral Marketing

This book will briefly tell you about viral marketing techniques and how to utilizethem to generate lots of commissions online!
I know a guy who has generated more than $500 of commissions completely on autopilot! And this isn’t one of the best examples because viral marketing traffic can make you rich if you do it right!

Internet marketing gurus always talk about building your mailing list. Mailing lists are important because it is true that the money is always in the list. Most of the time, some Internet marketers will beg other marketers (especially those with a bigger list size) to promote their products, do an ad swap or help them to build their own lists in general. 
But what if, instead of relying on YOUR OWN LIST, you can LEVERAGE on other people’s list?
You see, in Internet marketing, there is always someone who has a biggest list size than you. These people will always want to sell products.
If you can create products (such as master resell rights or no restriction private label rights products) and give them the rights to sell YOUR products with YOUR ads in it, you will be getting constant advertising for FREE and people are doing it WILLINGLY for you!
After all, when you promote a product to your list, it is still limited in the sense that you can only mail your list once or twice, but having your products being promoted all over the Internet, will take the burden off the lists and give you additional streams of income.