Skydiving 101

Table Of Chapters

Chapter 1 - A Guide To Skydiving
Chapter 2 - All About Skydiving Weights
Chapter 3 - Indoor Skydiving
Chapter 4 - Skydiving 101- The Truth About Parachutes
Chapter 5 - Skydiving Accessories And Gadgets
Chapter 6 - Skydiving Equipment-Knowing Your Jumpsuit
Chapter 7 - Skydiving Myths Revealed
Chapter 8 - Skydiving Photography Considerations
Chapter 9 - The Less Popular Types Of Skydiving
Chapter 10 - The Skydiving History

A Guide To Skydiving

Skydiving, as the word implies, is an activity in which you‟ll be literally diving down from the sky with some safety measures, of course. It‟s done from an airplane or a helicopter which takes off from a drop zone, which is like a small airbase.