How To Gain Confidence

Table of contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 - Confidence in Childhood
Chapter 3 - Lack Of Confidence In Adults
Chapter 4 - Exercise for Confidence
Chapter 5 - Yoga and Meditation
Chapter 6 - Affirmations For Confidence
Chapter 7 - Face Your Fears
Chapter 8 - Hobbies
Chapter 9 - Volunteer
Chapter 10 - Evaluate Your Job
Chapter 11 - Relationships
Chapter 12 - What Is Confidence?

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Have you ever noticed someone who was not all that physically
attractive but seemed to lure those of the opposite sex to them? Have
you observed someone at work who didn’t really know that much
about their job but was always getting raises? Have you ever noticed
that some people seem to be able to captivate anyone they talk to and
make friends easily?
What do these people have? One word - confidence. If you have
confidence in yourself, you don’t need anything else. Confidence is
something that is sensed by others. People react to you if you have
confidence in a different manner than if you have no confidence.