How To Find An Endless Supply Of Targeted Customers

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 Goals Of This Section
3 Exponential Resource Management 1
  • 3b The Working Concept. An Overview
  • 3c What To Do With Your List?
  • 3d An Important Tip
  • 3e What To Do With Your List Cont.
  • 3f Building Affiliates From Your List
  • 3g Turning Your List Into JV Prospects
  • 3h What To Do With Your List Summary
  • 3i What To Do With Your Customers
  • 3j Organizing, The Keys To Success
  • 3k Back To Managing Your Customers
  • 3l Customers To Long Term Customers
  • 3m Turning Your Customers Into JV’s
  • 3n What To Do With Your Customers Summary
4 Summary
5  Goals Of This Section
6  Exponential Resource Management 2
  • 6b What To Do With Your Long Term Customers
  • 6c Long Term Customers Into Affiliates
  • 6d Long Term Customers Into Your List
  • 6e Long Term Customers Back Into Customers
  • 6f Long Term Customers Into JV Prospects
  • 6g What To Do With Your Affiliates
  • 6h Affiliates Into Customers
  • 6i Affiliates Into Long Term Customers
  • 6j Affiliates Into JV’s
  • 6k What To Do With JV Prospects
  • 6l JV Prospects Into Affiliates
  • 6m JV Prospects Into Your List
  • 6n Not Turning JV’s Into Customers
  • 6o The Final Diagrams
  • 6p Three Steps To A Good Customer Relationship
  • 6q Wrapping Up
7. Summary

Chapter 1. 

Exponential resource management isn’t just a fancy name. It’s a really
underestimated, under used marketing method that works incredibly
well. So much so, this section is one of the main reasons we’re only
letting 500 copies of this go. I don’t want my competition to be able to
manage their customers correctly if it means I’m going to get them
What we’re looking at here are your five primary resources. The
lifeblood of any online business. That’s your affiliates, your list, your
customers, long term customers and joint venture prospects. All of
which we’ll refer to from this point onwards as your resources, or your
promotion power.
Each one of the big five have the power to make you sales, and thus big profits. However, imagine being able to take those five and manage them in such a way that you never have to carry out the expensive act
of paying for new customers, a bigger, list, more affiliates or JV contacts ever again, but still having countless thousands of them flowing into 
your lap.
It sounds unthinkable, but with the right management of your resources, you’re going to be seeing their usefulness double, multiply by three, 
four, sometimes even five. What does this mean or your profits? Well, have you ever worked it out in your head how much you’d make if you doubled a penny every day for a month or two? The principal here is the
same, but instead of money, you’re using your resources. The more you have, the faster they build each other. The true power of real exponential growth is at every marketers fingertips. They just have to know how to realize it’s there and understand how to use it to their advantage.