How To Create A WordPress Powered Article Directory

Article Directory Goals

Define why you are starting an article directory.
People that start article directories usually do so for one of two reasons:
1. To make money from other people’s work.
2. To have quality backlinks to their primary site from a related niche site
with an ever expanding set of posts without having to write a single word themselves.

A WordPress powered article directory is perfect for highly targeted niches that are competitive because there are usually a lot of articles being written on these subjects. A few of these niches are:
Weight loss
Psychic readings
And many more

Tip: Do NOT try to do a general article directory like EzineArticles to make money or get backlink power because you will NOT be satisfied with the results.You need massive traffic to an article directory before monetizing with Adsense is worth the effort of maintaining the site. A niche article directory will increase the targeting BUT most authors don’t structure their articles in a way for Adsense to bring in more than pennies per click. Forget about using your authors as a mailing list because it will be unresponsive IF your message is even read.