How To Copywrite Right

Table of Contents

Understanding Copywriting
The Art & Science of Copywriting
The Fundamental Rules
Ice to an Eskimo, Sand to an Arab
Every Day in Every Way
The Close

Understanding Copywriting

To embark on a career as a copywriter, you first need to understand exactly how it differs from regular writing. It doesn’t help that the word “copy” is sometimes applied to writing of any kind that is intended for publication. A newspaper journalist may be congratulated by his editor for producing “great copy”; a draft novel will be scrutinized by a copy editor before being sent for printing.
In a way, newspapers and novels are copy in that the desired
result is that they are purchased. However, the content of that
copy does not directly advertise the publication, and this is
where it cannot be considered copywriting in the sense that this
book is using the term i.e. producing words that sell.