How to Choose A Golf Training Aid

Table of contents

Terma and Rights
Who is Tim Heeter?
Who is this book for?
Chapter 1-Start Fresh
Chapter 2-Define Your Goals
Chapter 3-Describe Your Golf Game
Making Your Golf Diary
Chapter 4-Analyze Your Game
Chapter 5-Analysis Begins at the Green Putting
Chapter 6-Finding the Right Trainiing
Chapter 7-Researching Training
Chapter 8-Evaluating A Training Aid
Chapter 9-Using Your New Training Aid
Chapter 10-The Last Chapter


And why would you even need a training aid? 
 (It's OK if you have this same thought. I used to think that Golf Training Aids existed only for comedic purposes in Tim Conway movies.) 
If you are asking yourself these questions, I would assume that you are on a quest to improve your golf game. Not only that, but you find yourself wondering how to choose the product that would best suit your needs. Or maybe you don't have the budget to spend on such “luxury” items.  
Hopefully my quest to find the best training aids over the years will be able to help you sort out some of these questions. If you want more information or have questions about my approach to learning to improve my golf game, read about it here. 
If not, we'll get started. To begin, here are a couple of questions that I have for you. 
What type of golfer are you? 
OK, these are probably not quite the questions you might think I would ask here. But I do have a point.  
First, are you a gadget golfer?  
Do you automatically buy the latest and greatest golf tools and clubs without giving any thought to whether or not they will actually help improve your golf game?