How To Believe In Yourself And Gain Mastery

Table of content
Chapter 1:
You Are You – Being Realistic about Yourself
Chapter 2:
Goals – How They Help Your Self-Belief
Chapter 3:
Appreciate Your Successes
Chapter 4:
It Is Better to Have Tried than Not at All
Chapter 5:
Constantly Improving Your Idea of Self
Chapter 6:
Moving toward Mastery
Chapter 7:
The 4 Vital Ingredients for Achieving Mastery
Chapter 8:
Mobilizing Your Strengths, Improving Your Weaknesses
Chapter 9:
Avoiding Stress and Keeping Focus
Chapter 10:
Awareness of Self Is Attaining of Mastery


We speak a lot about self-worth without using it actually. Rarely do we make a true assessment of ourselves and think about ourselves as we truly are. If we were to become more pragmatic about ourselves, our lives would definitely become much more profitable and productive.
Self-belief and understanding of self-worth is the primary step toward gaining mastery in anything. Mastery doesn’t come without being confident about yourself first.
There are people all around you achieving something or the other. Some are experts at playing the guitar, some are very brilliant with accounting, and some are great at housekeeping and so on. When we see such people, we do get impressed  and we do say something, “I wish I was  like him or her.”  This is common human tendency. But that does not help us when we are trying to foster our belief in ourselves. If we are to do that properly, the most important thing we need is to know what we are really capable of.
Take a moment to think. Think what your strengths are. Think what you can do. We are not talking about things that you are an expert in, even some amount of knowledge in that particular area will do. Then take a blank sheet of paper and write down  these things. Then arrange  them in  order.  The  first three  things should be the things that you really do well, followed by things that you can do fairly  well,  followed by  things  that you can barely  do but you can  learn  and improve. Take a look at this sheet of paper. Keep it with you always. This is what you are capable of. It is a part of what you are.
This realization is extremely valuable to you when you are trying to make a self- assessment. You need to know what you can do and what you can improve upon. If you are trying to become a master at something, it is very important to be sure of yourself and not live under illusions.