How To Attract Clients To Your Practice Effortlessly

Table of contents

Building Your Team 
Realistic Expectations!
What Is Your Contribution? 
Creating Your Vision
Raising Awareness
Your First Support Team Meeting 
Getting an Overview of Your Clients 
Making the First Active Contact 
Your Map to Success 
Time to Focus
Your Second Support Team Meeting
Systemizing Your Follow-Ups 
What are You Willing to Give?
A New Business Card
Preparing Your Offer
Your Third Support Team Meeting
How do You Connect Best? 
Getting Deeper into Your Target Market
New Contacts
The Best Marketing: Referrals
Your Fourth Support Team Meeting
Time to Ask
Letting Others Speak for You
Checking Your Basics
Sharing Your Experience 
Your Fifth Support Team Meeting
Meeting Overview (for each support team meeting) 
Date of Last Visit (Day 6)
Phone Notes (Day 18) 


Dear Home Based Business Entrepreneur,
Thank you very much for purchasing “How to Attract Profitable Clients who Keep Using Your Services”. It has been produced to empower you. The exercises will give you new insights and awaken the skills that lie dormant within you already. My wish is that you will also enjoy them.
Attracting clients to you is achieved by an inner certainty and outward
actions. Those two things are intimately connected: the more certain you
are, the easier the actions become. And the more results the actions bring, the more your certainty grows. This training starts with strengthening your vision, so that you know exactlywhat you want to achieve. From there you will go step-by-step through implementing the essential actions to reach your vision. I have been working with a wide range of home based business owners and have realised that each one is unique and special. That really excites me, because it gives the world the variety it needs. At the same time, the issues that keep most home entrepreneurs struggling are very similar. They are all addressed in this training.