How To Achieve Your Own Financial Independence

Table of Contents

What is Meant By Financial Freedom?
Financial Freedom is Time Freedom
Achieving Financial Freedom
Realities of Financial Independence
Start Your Journey on the Path to Financial Freedom
Health is Wealth (take care of yourself)
Define Your Vision
Invest Your Money Wisely
Save Your Money
Power Trait 5 – Spend Your Money Wisely
Tips To Ensure a Successful Financial Independence Plan
Working to Achieve financial Independence 
New Trends Towards Financial Management
High Demand Services
Best Chances of Succes
Where to Look 
Money Matters 
Distinguishing Between Wants and Needs in Life to Attain Financial Freedom


What is Meant By Financial Freedom?
In the 21st century the concepts of time and money are being redefined. ''Financial Freedom'', is one such term that has gained much importance in the changing financial scenario. ''Financial Freedom'' means the freedom from continuous financial responsibilities through a
planned management and allocation of assets. It frees a person from back-breaking work by giving him a steady source of income for life.
One must not think that a financially free person is also debt free. However, his prudent asset management ensures that his debts do not become a burden but only a part of his over-all expenses. In this way, his debts do not hinder his long term financial goals. Financial freedom cannot be equated with being rich. One must not forget that surplus wealth requires constant supervision. In the long run, a rich man's obligations do not make him''financially free'' in the true sense.
Thus, financial freedom maybe defined as a lifestyle that blends expenses and income accordingto the individual preference. This makes ''financial freedom'' a more possible and convenient state
of being. Financial Freedom is Time Freedom