Household Safety Monitor

Table of contents

Chapter 1:
Safety Basics
Chapter 2:
Being Safe With Electricity
Chapter 3:
Being Safe With Fall Hazards
Chapter 4:
Safety With Poisons
Chapter 5:
Safety With Choking Hazards
Chapter 6:
Emergency Contacts And How To Use Them
Chapter 7:
Internet Safety
The Dangers Behind Not Child Proofing
Wrapping Up


The areas that may require some attention would include the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, laundry areas, outdoor playing area and any other areas the child is likely to wander into on one of his or her exploration expeditions. Then there are also the items such as furniture, door, windows, stairways, electrical heating units and cooling elements, and others to consider in the quest to ensure safety for the child is taken into consideration and the necessary adjustments are made.
Statistically, it has been proven that children do encounter a lot of injuries within the confines of the home living space, as there is sometimes little thought given to seriously look into all possibilities that may contribute to an injury occurring.
Kitchens are a popular place where injuries often occur, thus the need to be extra vigilant in this area. Another important item that almost always is the cause of serious injury would be the staircase, thus the need to have the relevant safety measure in place to keep the child from gaining access to this.