Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Table of contents:

Planning The Home Landscape Page 
The Base Plan Page 
Planning For Your Needs Page 
Studying The Site Page 
Landscaping Materials Page 
Placing Your Plants Page 
Choosing And Planting Your Plants Page 
Landscape Construction Page 
Terracing Page 
Backyard Ponds Page 
Landscaping For Energy Savings


Planning the Home Landscape
A landscape which is designed properly is a source of enjoyment for
the entire family, it enhances a community and adds to the resale
value of your property. Landscape design involves much more than
placing trees, shrubs and other plants on the property. It is an art
which deals with conscious arrangement or organization of outdoor
space for human satisfaction and enjoyment. Some of its major goals include:

• Organizing and developing the site for maximum use and
• Creating a visual relationship between the house and the site.
• Reducing landscape maintenance to a practical level.

Americans spend tremendous amounts of money landscaping their
businesses, homes, streets, parks, schools, etc. Much of this money is
wasted, however, because of little or no planning. People cannot
understand how to landscape until they know why they landscape.
There are several reasons why people landscape: some think it
improves the appearance of their place; others like to grow plants; still
others just want their place to look pretty. Too often these landscapes
dominate rather than serve. Masses of plants or other materials in the
landscape may take up a large portion of the space and leave little
room for people.