Guerilla Marketing

Table of contents:

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Guerilla Marketing Tactics
  3. Physical Newsletters Bandit Signs
  4. Classified Ads Direct Mail Telemarketing
  5. Networking Groups
  6. Forms-
  7. The Telemarketing Script
  8. The Door-To-Door Script
  9. Three sample letters for your direct mail campaign
  10. Classified Ad Samples
  11. Protect Yourself-
  12. Sample Contract
  13. Sample Rate Sheet
  14. Other Tips- Resources

Internet marketing skills are mandatory to learn for the physical and online selling. “Guerilla Marketing Tactics for Selling Internet Market Services to Local Businesses” shows the low cost and effective marketing techniques that are a constant in a number of industries which productively delivers a sale message to a large group of people. Often times, they are small messages that must lead a prospect to a place where a larger message can be delivered, again with low cost.