Google Tools To Help Marketers Succeed

Table of contents

Chapter 1. What are Google Tools?
Chapter 2 How Google Marketing tools are Helpful for Marketers
Chapter 3 Google Marketing Tools
Chapter 4. Google Keyword Tools-Website Content Tab
Chapter 5. Using Google Keyword Effectively
Chapter 6.The Google Search-Based Keyword Tool-SKTool 
Chapter 7. Google Insights for Search Tool - Free Market Research at the Press of a Button.
Chapter 8. Google Traffic Estimator
Chapter 9. Google Ad Targeting Preview tool
Chapter 10.The Google Webmaster Tools
Chapter 11. Google Trends 
Chapter 12.The Google Trends for Website
Chapter 13. Google Ad Planner
Chapter 14.Google AdWords Campaign Reports 
Chapter 15.Google Suggest Tool
Chapter 16. Google Advanced Search 
Chapter 17. Google Analytics
Chapter 18. Increase Your Conversion Numbers With Google Analytics 
Chapter  19. A Strong Internet Marketing Tool-Google 

Chapter 1
What are Google Tools?
The search engine of Google has become a dominant force in the world of internet. It is really difficult to even think of any website without Google. Similarly, it has become unthinkable toview world without Google. The importance of Google can be judged from the fact that it has crept into every aspect of our daily lives. The phrase of “being Goggles” has become a common expression which is being said and performed by millions of users around the world. Google offers a diverse range of services from productivity applications to instant messaging.
Having such prominent presence, there are people who are still not aware that Google offers some excellent tools free of cost for the users be it generic users, businessman, marketers orwebmasters. This develops a thought in majority of the people that  why Google is providing so many tools at zero cost? The prime reason for this gesture is it wants to foster a close relationship with the users and wants to build up the Google brand name in the process. There are numerous tools that are being offered by Google. The tools are divided under various
sections that can guide you the nature of all the tools.
1. Must Have Tools: These tools are the basic tools that are provided by Google. They can make the computer activities much easier. They include reader, IGoogle, Picasa, Docs, notebook and desktop.
2. Maps and Travel Tools: These type of tools helps in exploring the locations around the world. It may include Ride Finder, Transit, Mars, Sky and Earth.