Google Adwords Negotiations

2.0 Adwords Basics

For those of you who have already had some experience with Adwords, feel free to skip this section. It is my intent to get everyone on the same page before digging any deeper into the Adwords strategy.Adwords was created by Google in order to offer an advertising tool to anyone that could pull in targeted traffic regardless of their website’s position in the
rankings. If you were to perform a search on Google for “affiliate marketing” you would not only get the organic results, but you will also see the Sponsored Results on the top and on the right-hand side. These results are being displayed according to many factors, but mainly their Pay-Per-Click bids. Generally, the ads are displayed according to position by the highest bidder. For instance, the ad on the top right may be bidding $1.50 PPC (pay-per-click) and the next ad below may be bidding $1.45, and so on. Later in this report I will show you how you can get your ad positioned higherthan those bidding more PPC than you are. Google is all about Relevancy. Pure and simple. They want to provide all of the users of Google with the most relevant and targeted results in order to continue to grow and develop their reputation. Throughout this report I will show you how to create Adwords Campaigns that will not only get higher posting positions, but will also save you money in PPC fees.