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Welcome to another Advanced Lesson at Keyword Avalanche.

I just returned from Northern California doing a training session with my step-son who is 21 years old, showing him how to be a portal builder.
He is right now doing construction and wants to break free from the bonds of manual labor. I can't say that I blame him. So I thought I would help him out and give him a boost in the right direction. I hope this post finds you well and in good spirits. And by good spirits, I also mean not only happiness, but in good energy, health and in absolutely clear focus with what you are doing and striving for. Which brings up what this next edition will be about. We are going to stray away from the mechanics of portal building and talk about getting clear on what you want and building focus which ultimately brings about breakthroughs and momentum. Without momentum, it can seem like you are simply trying to push a boulder up a hill and barely making any ground toward your goals. Just as much as building a portal is a mechanical thing, the inner
workings of how productively you work and the clarity of your mental
focus will determine how sizeable your income can be and what you