Gamer's Great Escape

People love gaming, and that's not always a disgusting thing. Whether
played on a hand-held platform, a PC, or a TV, the games may supply
hours of quiet fun. The games may advance PC skills and greater eyehand coordination.
Video games are emotionally "untroubled." When a person makes an
error, no one else sees (contrary to the public degradation of, say,
striking out in a real world baseball game). And as every mistake
made in gaming helps the player learn the specific action needed the
next time, the player gets the satisfaction of steadily improving and
finally winning.
All the same gaming bears a few downsides. Besides being truly
expensive, many in demand games involve vivid sex and violence.
Possibly most worrisome, they may be exceedingly habit-forming.
Any person could become "addicted" to gaming, and people with
AD/HD appear to be at specific risk.
Does the want to play video games rule your life? When the set has to
be switched off, do you become mad? If so, the time has come to
assist this yourself.