Fly Fishing

It’s a beautiful day in early spring. You are standing beside a
beautiful river flowing through the mountains of Colorado. In your
hands you hold your gear. You are brimming with excitement as you
imagine what you will catch today. You are getting ready to fly fish
and you can’t wait to get started!
People have been fly fishing for years. In its beginnings, people
would use flies to fish with for food, but then it turned into a sport and
now anglers fly fish for both food and sport.
Fly fishing is a traditional angling method that uses artificial flies
for lures that are made of materials like fur and feathers. The flies are
fastened onto a hook and are meant to imitate a fish’s natural food
source. The rods are light, but the lines are heavy providing the
weight and momentum for casting. Fly fishermen use a series of casting moves meant to imitate thebug on water. The techniques are wide and varied. When casting much of the rod’s movement comes from the angler’s wrist.