Fly Fishing Basics

Fly fishing is a very popular fishing sport that can be both relaxing and
challenging at the same time. The following tips and tricks are ideal of beginners. When you’re just starting out learning to fly fish you’ll want all the help and advice that you can get from the experts.
Tip #1: Practice your Casting
The experts say that the one thing that you need to do to develop a good casting technique is to practice as often as you can. This will lead to a proficiency in casting that make all the difference between being a
successful fly fisher or a frustrated one.
Try practicing against a wall on the outside of your house. Just imagine
that there is a clock hanging on the wall that is at the same level as your
shoulder. Place markers, such as black electric tape, at the 11:00 and
1:00 clock positions. Practice casting against these markers for a few
minutes each day to improve your accuracy and style.