First Time Home Buyers Guide

Congratulation's! You have just taken the first step to finding the
money for your first home! Day after day We read about government spending, but we do not realize that we could be eligible to receive some of that money. 
Free Money
What is free money? Usually it means grants or other programs where
you don't have to pay back the money you receive. How do you find the money? This is the biggest challenge to those thatthink they might qualify for money for a home in some way. But the key to getting this money is not a secret. If you are an organized person who can follow instructions, you can find money to help you purchase your home.
How to start:
Start by choosing one or more sources from this guide and start
making your contacts. If you are not able to find a certain source, go
to your Library and take a look at the Catalog of Federal Domestic
Assistance, this is basically an index of all Government programs and
is updated every six months.