Financial Resolution Secrets

Table of contents
Chapter 1:
Setting Financial Goals
Chapter 2:
Goals Need To Be In Categories
Chapter 3:
Price Of The Goal
Chapter 4:
Figure Out Your Start Point
Chapter 5:
One The Road To More Money-2nd Job
Chapter 6:
Chapter 7:
Capitalize On Hobbies
Chapter 8:
Go Online
Chapter 9:
Sell And Use It Wisely


Bringing in the New Year is the world’s oldest remaining celebration. Historians think the ancient Babylonians were the first to mark the event approximately 4000 years ago! Since 46 B.C. when Caesar ordered that the calendar should begin in mid-winter, Western civilization has celebrated the New Year on January 1st. The Romans called the first month of their new calendar after Janus, their god of fresh origins. Portrayed with 2 faces, Janus was able to review the old year and frontward to the new one at the same time, representing learning from
the past and acquiring hope for the future. Romans observed the New Year by giving each other branches from sacred trees to guarantee good luck and a favorable new beginning. Today’s New Year’s customs are fairly different from those of our Roman ancestors. Nowadays we watch football bowl games, take down holiday decorations and, naturally, make
resolutions for the coming year! According to, the 10 most popular New Year’s resolutions in the U.S. are:
• Handle debt
• Slim down
• Get a better line of work
• Get in better physical shape
• Stop smoking
• Drink less alcohol
• Volunteer to help other people
• Spend more time with loved ones and friends
This book will cover finances.