Financial IQ Guide

Table of contents
Part I : Awareness before Change
What is Money? 
What Are Your Choices? 
Holistic Development 
Wealth Defined 
10 Reasons Why We Meet Financial Disasters 
Part II : Change
The 4 Levels of Competence 
Change and All ‘C’s Defined 
Invest in Yourself 
Part III : Goal Setting and Realization
The Importance of Leverage 
Net Worth 
Cash Flow 
Quick Start Action Tips

Have your money working and live a happier life!
Whether you want to:
ƒ Manage your funds for security reasons,
ƒ Make a lot of money,
ƒ Live secured and comfortably, or even
ƒ Yank yourself free from your financial disasters!
Nonetheless, the information in this financial survivor guide is more importantthan ever. I mean, of course it is! Money is the subject here – so important because we use money everyday. When you go to the nearest grocery, you need money. When you pay your bills,you need money. When you want to invest, you need money. When you earn your next income, there is your money to pay all of the above. We humans are the only one using money in today’s world – nope, not your “Tickle Me Elmo” doll, not your favorite plants, and certainly not your dog!