Financial Empowerment And Your Environment

Table of contents:
Chapter 1:
What is Financial Empowerment?
Chapter 2:
Ability v/s Action
Chapter 3:
The Four Fundamentals
Chapter 4:
The Sum of Five
Chapter 5:
Understanding the Concept of Assets
Chapter 6:
Building Your Assets
Chapter 7:
Investing in Education for Your Financial Empowerment
Chapter 8:
Enhancing Your Financial Coffers with Recreation
Chapter 9:
The Long Haul
Chapter 10:
Staying Upwardly Mobile

Financial Empowerment is the buzzword for the new generation. This is the jetset generation that wants to be self-sufficient in what they have, never have a need for more and keep attracting more even as they sleep. But what makes them different from others who aren’t financially empowered already? What can the have-nots of this generation do to elevate themselves to the status of the haves? Most importantly, is this upward transition possible? Here’s what it takes in today’s world to reach at the top economic pedestals of society. This is what it takes to reach the Fortune 500 lists and then stay there.