Facebook Fanpage Blueprint

Table of contents 

Social Media Marketing – The simple explanation
Why Facebook?
Groups or fan pages?
So, What exactly is Facebook's fan pages? 
SEO for Facebook Fan Pages
Time to create your first fan page
Directing traffic to our traffic hub
How to drive traffic to our fan page
Other ways to drive traffic to your pages
Driving traffic from your fan pages to your blogs
Applications for your fan pages
Tagging and @ tagging feature
Tagging feature
The “suggest” feature
Monotize your fan pages for huge profits
Creating a nice looking ULR for your fan pages
Update on my fan page
Boost your fans with Facebook PPC!
Types Of Fan pages To Create and Types Of CPA/Clickbank 
Fan Pages + CPA offers
Converting high involvement CPA offers
Squeeze even more money from your Fan Page
Flipping Fan Pages for profit


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