Dominate Your Niche Google Power Tools

Table of Content

The best free online research resource is…?
Starting a new business
Outline of what needs to be done
Begin at the beginning
Google Desktop
Web history and alerts
Google Groups
Where is the money being spent?
The competition
Google Trends
Insights are always valuable
Spying on the competition
Ways of discovering what people want
Google blog search
Google US Government Search
YouTube and Google video
Advanced search engine usage 


As Internet marketers or a people who have an online business of some description, I have no doubt that you already understand and appreciate the importance of research. Indeed, you have probably discovered over the years, that good research methods are absolutely essential, especially when you are setting up a new venture. In this situation, if you are working without accurate research results from the very beginning, it naturally follows that every individual aspect of your business that is
based on this faulty research is built on very unstable foundations.
But, whilst it is a given that solid research is absolutely essential, it is not necessarily something that most of us involved in online marketing actually enjoy. If you’re anything like me, you probably find that the research stage of launching a new product is probably the most frustrating, time-consuming and tedious aspect of the whole process.
So, would you believe me if I suggested that there is one research resource that you can utilize at almost every stage of the research process when you are setting up a new online marketing project, almost irrespective of what kind of marketing project you’re involved with?
How about if I took this analogy one stage further and suggested that it is a resource that you almost certainly use every time you go online.