Copywriting for the Web Basics

Table of contents

Chapter 1:Why Writing Copy for the Web is Different
Chapter 2 Visitors Are Important to You
Chapter 3 Plan in Order to Succeed
Chapter 4 How to Write Effective Copy for the Web
Chapter 5 How to Find Effective Keywords and Keyword Phrases
Chapter 6 Keep it Short and Sweet
Chapter 7 Other Essential Components for Good Copywriting
Chapter 8 Get a Headline that Grabs
Chapter 9 How to Go About Writing a Headline
Chapter 10 Test the Tone of Your Headlines
Chapter 11 Make Your Text Links Look the Same
Chapter 12 Be Positive from Beginning to End

Although many people seem to think that writing effective copy for the web is easy, it isn’t. So if you want to ensure that your readers and your customers understand how your website works and what it can do for them, you need to produce good copywriting for it. In this book, we will look at the basics of producing good copywriting for the web. But
before we start there are a number of things that you should remember.
First, people do not read a website in the same way that they would read printed material. In fact, there are three characteristics which affect how a web user will react to the online content of a site.