Confessions Of A Follow Up Marketing Geek

Autoresponder systems are the workhorses of email marketing. Some online marketing "experts" are saying that email marketing is dead - that it's no longer profitable. I beg to differ with them - strongly. Perhaps email marketing is no longer profitable for them, but they are either doing something wrong, or they never knew how to do it right in the first place. (Remember that not every selfappointed "guru" really knows what he's talking about.) While it's true that spam filters are at work on every level, and delivery rates for commercial email are down as a result, a properly worded message delivered by autoresponder to a permission based (opt-in) mailing list is still one of the most dependable ways to drive
targeted visitors and make immediate sales.No matter what other marketing methods you choose to use, one of your most profitable ones
will be follow up marketing by email - if you do it right.