Caring For Your Garden

Table of contents

How to Take Care of Fragrant Flowers in your Garden 
Beginning Garden Care for the New Home Owner
At Home Remedies for Garden Care 
Common Garden Problems: And Easy Garden Care Solutions 
 Dogs Beware: Garden Care for the Dog Friendly Home 
Garden Care for all Flower and Vegetable Life 
Garden Care for the New Neighbor: Ways to Make Yourself (and your garden) Known in your New  Neighborhood 
 Garden Care in All Seasons 
Gardening for Thought: What to Consider when it Comes to Garden Care .
 Good Garden Care starts with Good Plants: What to Look for in Plant Selection
Herb Garden Care: Types, Tricks and Tips for Success
 How Not to Care for your Garden: Common Garden Care Mistakes to Avoid .
How to Choose and Maintain Annuals 
 How to Make your Seedlings Grow 
 How to Make Garden Care a Fun Filled Family Activity 
 Winter Garden Care: How to Make Your Garden Last through the Tough Season
More than Just Plants: Garden Care for All Corners of Your Yard Must Have Garden Tools for the Proper Garden Care Year Round 
Pruning shears: Pruning is an important part of the gardening process used for light shrub and rose pruning as well as cutting back perennials and deadheading. Pruning shears provide a clean cut that will not pinch the stems and are designed for plants. There are several different types of pruning shears out there including lopping pruners and hand pruners. Choose pruning shears that are designed for your flower bed and shrubbery. Lopping pruners are usually best for thicker branches  while hand pruners work best with smaller plants and bushes.


How to Take Care of Fragrant Flowers in your Garden

One of the most common reasons why people love flowers so much is because of the beautiful fragrance they emit. A beautiful, natural garden overflowing with scented flowers can brighten up anyone’s day, even after a work week from hell. The smell of flowers connotes happy
occasions such as summer days, birthdays, weddings and celebrations. This is one of the reasons most gardeners will choose flowers that smell divine as their flowers du jour.
Some of the best fragrant flowers for your garden include Arabian jasmine, banana shrub, butterfly bush, confederate jasmine, garden phlox, gardenia, heliotrope, hyacinth, angels’ trumpet and roses. All of these have a unique and delicious scent that will leave your outdoor
area smelling beautiful. However, some of the most fragment and beautiful flowers also take more care than you would expect. To really get that beautiful, spring time freshness smell from your flowers, keep the following tips in mind:
• Bright, thick and colorful pedals on a flower can suggest a beautiful smell as well. Look for flowers that have thick colorful petals when choosing flowers. You can also ask the sales associate at your local garden center about the smell that will be emitted in full bloom.