Building The Perfect Sales Funnel

Table of Contents 

Why is having an efficient sales system so important? 
The basic sales funnel mode
The search for targeted traffic
  Why is the sales funnel concept so important? 
Why automation is essential
How do you handle prospects most effectively? 
 How to automatically make a small commitment much large
Creating and using effective landing page
  You MUST test your landing pages
 With your landing page in place, what’s next? 
Step 1 – Keep as many prospects in your funnel as possible
Step 2 – The initial product sales process
Step 3 – Offer an upgraded version
Step 4 - Making a one-time offer
Step 5 - Make another one time offer


There is no doubt that owning and running your own successful online
business can be a tremendously liberating thing, as thousands of online
entrepreneurs and marketers all over the world have discovered for
themselves. If you are already in a position where your business is successful, then congratulations are undoubtedly in order. However, here’s a question for you. Although your business is already successful, perhaps even already achieving as much as you could ever have hoped for, is there any possibility that you could be doing things more effectively? Are there ‘flaws’ in your systems that are letting potential customers escape without putting their hand in the pocket to pull out their credit card?
Alternatively, you might just be starting out on the road to earning an
online income, and if that’s the case, there is probably a great deal
about internet marketing or online business that is confusing and
apparently complex. Trust me, this is a position that even the most
experienced of online marketers will understand because we have all
been there and experienced exactly what you’re going through right this minute.