Be A Grillmaster

Table of contents

The Basics Of Grilling 
Building The Fire 
Tips For Cooking The Food 
Beyond The Basics 
Direct And Indirect Methods Of Grilling
Searing - The Secret To The Perfect Steak 
Rubs - Enhancing The Flavor Of Your Meats 
Appetizers On The Grill

The Basics Of Grilling

Grilling is just like any other kind of cooking, it is a learned art. Keep this in mind as you are learning. You are sure to have some failures. The major difference between grilling and cooking on the stove or in the oven is that grilling is a combination of the two. You have direct heat from the gas burners or the charcoal and you have indirect heat that fills the grill when the lid is put down. Grills also have higher heat and less control over that heat. With your oven you can set the temperature precisely, but with a grill you either turn on or light the fire and the heat will just keep rising.