The Songwriter's Course

Worship Writers Songwriting Course is a 12 part MP3 audio teaching in a live radio show format that equips you to write great praise and worship songs. This course is an easy to follow guide for beginners through intermediate songwriters.

"I am convinced that anyone can and should write a praise and worship song. This course will go a long way toward getting you started!" - Dan McCollam


Lesson 1 – Writing from a Song Hook

Lesson 2 – Getting Great Ideas for Song Hooks

Lesson 3 – Crafting Your Ideas into a Song Hook

Lesson 4 – The Building Blocks for Great Songs

Lesson 5 – Building Song Sections from a Hook

Lesson 6 – Improving Your Lyrical Content

Lesson 7 – The Simple Chorus Song Form

Lesson 8 – The Verse-Chorus Song Form

Lesson 9 – The Chorus-Bridge Song Form

Lesson 10 – Making Memorable Melodies

Lesson 11 – Rewriting and Co-Writing Songs

Lesson 12 – What to do With a Finished Song