Akai MPC Touch Instructional video series

Master the MPC Touch with this massive instructional video series. With a heavy emphasis on sampling /chopping this 78 chapter,3.5 hour Instructional will cover most every feature of the MPC Touch plus include tons of tricks and tips. In this Instructional we cover all that is MPC Touch,including but not limited to:
-MPC Preferences
-Creating Songs
-Real Time Stretching
-Audio Tracks
-Sample editing features
-Real Time Pitch shifting
-Audio editing tools
-Clip programs
-Chords & Scales mode
-Time Stretch
-BPM Detect
-Many ways to chop samples
-Creating Sequences
-Independent Track length
-Drum programming techniques
-The Looper

You wont find all the info on the video series anywhere! All the features and modes will be covered,everything you need to know to be a MPC Touch master. Filmed on The MPC Touch this instructional will change how you make music not to mention boost your workflow big time. Our tutorial series will save you years of time and will inspire you to create tracks. This instructional goes from basic to advanced to pro & will cover all bases no matter your skill set. Our MPC Instructional videos are world renowned, We have teaching you your MPC down to a science. Pick up your copy of the MPC Touch Instructional series today! NOW WITH OVER 30min OF EXTRA MPC 2.0-2.6 TUTORIALS!