Makalo was born in the former Yugoslavia and was 3 years old when him and his family moved to Sweden due to the war that broke out. Makalo was 10 years old when he accompanied his father and brother to the biggest music studios and recordlabels in the Balkans, two decades later racking up songs that end up on platinum albums, having credentials with Young Thug, DDG, Pop Smoke, Nav, ABG Neal, Killa Fonic, Tonee Marino, O.T Genasis and many more world famous artists. Makalo has always had ears for music and his father and brother, who both are muscians, used to be staggered by his way of correcting them in matters a child should not have any knowledge of. Makalo's father decided to buy Makalo a Midi synth and used to nagg him to start producing, and the rest is history.

"My total aim and focus is to sell the best samples I have and do my best because I see them as an investment, that's the difference between my packs and a lot of other royaltyfree packs. They keep their best melodies to themselves and their own beats." - Makalo