BEATS User Oscillator for Korg Minilogue XD, Prologue and NTS-1

BEATS is a User Oscillator for uploading to a Korg NTS-1, Minilogue XD or Prologue synthesiser. It provides a collection of beat-making sounds such as kicks, snares, high hats and many more. There are 28 sounds in total.

This digital download product includes the user oscillator plus installation instructions. For Minilogue XD owners there are TEN bonus presets specifically designed for the user oscillator to provide examples of sequenced drum patterns.

For an overview of BEATS please see this video:

Pre-requisites for installing this User Oscillator are (i) the Korg MIDI USB driver for your computer, and (ii) the Korg Sound Librarian for your synthesiser. You will need a compatible Mac or PC to connect to your synth. Please refer to the "Librarian and Contents" section for your synth on the Korg website for more details and download links.