PLUCK v2 User Oscillator for Korg Minilogue XD, Prologue and NTS-1

PLUCK v2 is a User Oscillator for uploading to a Korg Minilogue XD, Prologue and NTS-1 synthesiser. At its heart is an algorithm which attempts to recreate the resonant qualities of a plucked string instrument through the use of a tuneable feedback loop. 

Kevin Karplus and Alexander Strong were two of the first pioneers of a commercial physical modelling plucked string synthesis algorithm in the early 1980's, and their valuable work has inspired and contributed to numerous hardware and software implementations of plucked string instruments ever since. 

Although the algorithm inside PLUCK v2 is to a degree based on the basic principles of Karplus/Strong string synthesis, it is of my own creation and not a direct clone of any existing work. Along with the user oscillator, a collection of presets is also included for use on the Minilogue XD and Prologue synthesisers.

For an overview of the original PLUCK v1 please see this video:

And for a demonstration of the enhancements contained in PLUCKv2 please see this video:

Pre-requisites for installing this User Oscillator are (i) the Korg MIDI USB Driver for your computer, and (ii) the Korg Sound Librarian for your synth. You will need a compatible Mac or PC to connect to your synth. Please refer to the relevant "Librarian and Contents" section of the Korg website for more details and download links.