String for Prologue

String for Prologue is a User Oscillator for uploading to a Korg Prologue synthesiser. At its heart is an algorithm which attempts to recreate the dynamic qualities of a 1980's analogue string synthesiser. 

String for Prologue generates sound from seven detunable digital oscillators using a combination of sawtooth and square waves which are spread across four different octaves.

This digital download product includes the user oscillator plus sixteen presets specifically designed for the user oscillator. For an overview of the oscillator and to hear the presets in action please see this video:

(Please note that this video demonstrates the Minilogue XD oscillator version but the oscillator is the same on the Prologue. The presets for the Prologue are also as similar to the Minilogue XD as I can make them but there will be a few subtle differences due to the difference in synth capabilities and architectures.)

Pre-requisites for installing this User Oscillator are (i) the Korg MIDI USB driver for your computer, and (ii) the Korg Prologue Sound Librarian. You will need a compatible Mac or PC to connect to your Prologue. Please refer to the Prologue's "Librarian and Contents" section of the Korg website for more details and download links.