Sequential Pro 3 Fundamentals 1+2 Sound Sets

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Fundamentals Sound Sets Package Deal

This includes both Fundamental Set 1 and Set 2 in a single package.   In total 128 custom patches for the Pro 3.

Set 1:  Basses, Leads, Classic Synth Sounds (64 patches)

Set 2: Strings, Brass, Keys, Organs, Paraphonics (64 patches)

My top focus for these sound sets is to give a wide variety of options for songwriters and recording engineers to quickly audition and add high quality, classic and modern tones for songwriting.    Lots of patches are inspired by classic Moog, Oberheim, SCI and Roland synth patches.

I have spent hours on every patch, and revisited them over multiple sessions to ensure they sound great up and down the keybed, and are living up to their potential.

Lots of thoughtful performance modulation has been programmed in for each patch, and is on tap via key pressure, mod wheel and slider.   

The patches are well organized, grouped together by type, with standard prefixes (BAS, LED, SYN, KEY, STR, BRS, etc).   I like my patches organized for easy auditioning of similar sounds.  The paraphonic patches in Set 2 all start with P-   For instance, P-STR means "paraphonic string patch"  

Custom sequences are programmed into sequence slots on nearly all patches - giving you immediate access to beat sync'd sounds that can be live warped and jumped between.   The sequences are completely optional, and of course you can quickly record in your own sequences for any patch.   Every sound was developed to first and foremost sound good in a live play context and for song recording.   

Classic synth intonation modeling - A couple years back, I set out to analyze and record hundreds of samples from classic golden age synthesizers (70s and 80s Moogs, Oberheims, SCIs, Rolands, Korgs, E-mus, Yamahas, etc)   I wrote up some papers on Voice Modeling and Harmonic Jitter that documented my findings.   Some of the sound design tricks I learned have been integrated into these sound sets - primarily:  for some of the classic/vintage sounds I have modeled, I have programmed in modulation to mimic the actual tuning/intonation behaviors I measured on classic synths.

Files Included, User Bank Destination:
There are two copies of the sound bank included in this download. They are an exact copy of each other, except for the User Bank number that they were saved from. One copy was saved from User Bank 1 (U1) and the other copy was saved from User Bank 2 (U2). Notice the suffix in the file names (last two characters). This is the bank that the sound set will load to by default, if you're directly sending it by general purpose Sysex program like MIDI-OX (PC) or Sysex Librarian (MAC).  If you use an editor program like Soundtower, you can send it to any bank also.  The third file included has info about the patches and installation info.

Digital Download, License Terms
This licensed product is a digital download and is offered as a license to use.  You will receive a .sysex soundbank file (actually two versions - one loads to User Bank 1 (U1) by default, the other loads to User Bank 2 (U2) by default.   These files are only for use with the Sequential Pro 3 Keyboard.   Once purchased, there are no refunds or exchanges available.   You agree to not copy, redistribute, transfer or resell any of the patches in this product.  The patches are copyrighted and licensed for your use only.   You may use them in all your productions, including professional or commercial projects.  If you have questions, email me at [email protected]