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Standard Rules for all my files unless otherwise stated.

Do NOT Claim any of my files as your own

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All of my files in which I sale are made personally by
myself using Creative Cloud unless otherwise stated as “Resale Rights” in that
case I have purchased the files for resale from other seller. Some of my
textures and files may also include stock photos from ShutterShock and a few
other paying Stock photo places in which I have full rights to use and a acct

All my Files are DCMA Protected.


Some of my freebie offers are made directly by me while
others are resale items I have purchased. Others are Free items offered for
everyone and in which anyone can download themselves. I however collect and
offer them as “FREEBIES” to my followers and customers. Because of this variety
do not share these textures. Anyone wanting them feel free to link them to my

 *~Resale Rights from MadCherry~*