Iceland LUT by SVB

SVB ICELAND LUT for 3D flat picture profiles and DJI drones
by Simon von Broich

This is where you can get my new 3D ICELAND LUT for 3D flat picture profiles. 

This LUT is suited for use in nature, especially cloudy weather in general but with the right ajustements it will works great with sunny conditions.

It's the optimal adaptation to my Iceland Lightroom Preset which I use for my photos.

You can find some of these photos on my instagram:

You can acquire my visually identical Iceland Lightroom Preset here:

It's important that after adding the LUT to your footage, you make adjustments according to your individual ideas to make the most of your shots!

On my youtube channel you can find my new diary that I shot using this LUT in Iceland.

By purchasing my LUT, you will receive a .cube file which can be used with Premiere Pro Lumetri color Panel or DaVinci Resolve.

I hope you like my new LUT! :)

Simon von Broich