Sedona Crystal City {Light Language Transmission

From the Crystals Awakening to the City of Lights}

Will boost your Vibrational Frequency 

\This is a very special Language keys transmission songs that came from the crystals of Sedona, a rare manifestation from the Planetary Crystal  City of Light. This transmission awaken the Planetary Crystal city of lights and the crystal template bridge of the body template - Connect you to the Sedona Cyrstal City and healing love of Gaia. 

  The cyrstals and  the City of lights appeared to Shekina Rose and awakened light force in her cellurar template and increased a higher frequency of  home and the Joy of living. 

Crystal Keys Awakening                    11.38 min
Crystal City of Light                            5.23 min
Sedona Light                                       5.36 min
Love and Compassion Gaia's song   7.49

Revealing the awakening of the crystalline structure in the DNA blue print Light Source radiance Higher dimensional resonances field with in the DNA body template crystal light of the body   

The crystals of Sedona awakenings the cell structure of resonances

Ancient Golden age of Atlantis, Venusians Shambhallas  

These amazing crystals manifestest from the Sedona Vortex City of Lights for the New Earth Divine resonances that Shekina creates in the star resonator source fileld pendants sacred technologies.

*Star Resonator pendant with Sedona City of light crystals

Shekina Rose ~ Blue Ray Peace Emissary and Channel of the Blue Ray, Angelic Messenger of the Harmonic Vocalist for the Language of Light in the 528 Hz Miracles and Love, Star Races Contactee, Author and Healer, Creator of the Pleiadain stargate Pendant and devices technologies.

She has been studied by Science after her NDE verifying her vocals resonate to the frequencies of Creation.

 She lives in Sedona Arizona USA, and since has been anointed by Mother Mary where she works in the Rose Ray Ministries and the Vortex StarGate Light Portals, City of Lights and gives Language of Light concerts, Soul Readings, Blue Ray Healing Reconnections, In person Cathedral Rock vortex sessions and Star Galactic Origins Soul Star Alignments.


I am so happy you created this download!  My whole body ignited when I played 'Crystal Keys Awakening Wave'!  It was a tingling, wondrous, nurturing feeling I've been wanting deep inside.  I also played it for my mother, she blissed out.

I play your album every day, and it helps to clear the energy in the air.  My crystal friends love it! 😃

We thank you so much for channelling this sacred communication for everyone so they too can experience another awakening through the Sedona Crystals.

Love and blessings always, Anne


 Special thanks, gratitude and credit

to "Devara Thunderbeat", for recording transmissions at her Sedona Studio and mastering CD. 

Please check out her amazing CDs, music of Native American, Mayan, Ghaka Healing, Egyptian, book, workshops, and conferences at: